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Sea Ox boats were built originally from 1977 to 1992 under North American Fiberglass. Designer Bruce Collier designed these boats with deep vee at entry tapering back to 14 degrees at transom giving it a comfortable and dry ride. On plane she throws water abeam and aft not up and forward to blow back into the cockpit. Now with the rebirth of Sea Ox Boats, we have now incorporated some state of the art construction methods such as using full composite materials instead of wood which was used in the past by most boat builders and has proven to be a material that fails and actually acts as a sponge soaking up water as time goes on. Sea Ox Boats are now built using a grid system for the stringers made of solid 1.5” core material and transoms made of 1.5” reinforced core sandwiched between a beefy lamination schedule to hold the transom brackets securely. In the hull, a combination of bi axial heavy 24 oz. cloths are used to create a structure that will not shake, shutter, or toss you around and with the weight underneath you. Sea Ox Boats will give you a ride that won’t leave you holding your back at the dock! Here at Sea Ox Marine, we are dedicated to building a superior product at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on building a boat that is made from the best materials available in the industry. We look forward to creating a lifetime relationship with our customers and keeping that same family like reputation as the originals did! Bryan Pair -Owner